Julyan questions it all in funky indie-bopper ‘Do Anything’

French-Canadian artist Julyan has embarked upon a four-track series that’s starting off with ‘Do Anything’. Is a melodic piece of sensitive indie-pop built on open strings and the artist’s chart-friendly vocal. Where this song really kicks of is around the 1:30 mark, when it transforms from a sparse lament into a funky dance-along.

Photographed by Simon Chénier-Gauvreau

From the first boppy chorus, the track falls into a pattern of light-hearted bass, rhythmic guitars and fruity pop melodies. It’s a laidback anthem that centers around Julyan’s questioning refrain: “Why aren’t we even trying to do anything? / Weren’t we the ones who were pulling the strings, / Why we still reaching if we won’t even take?”

This rhetoric interrogation sits between two places: rebellion and apathy. The artist’s youthful intention is pulling him in two directions and in the end, it’s up to the listener to decided which way to go.

”Do Anything” tells you to be confident in your decisions. Said confidence can be felt gaining in intensity with the song, as the character encounters and confronts his personal doubts and questionings in every verse.”

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