Power pop duo Foley release ‘Anything Before You’

Hailing from New Zealand, Foley is the dynamic duo of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett who love to deliver power-pop melodies and chonky bass lines while singing about life’s relatable hurdles. They’ve been knocking about since 2017 and have had their fair share of 20-something life experiences from which to draw inspiration.

‘Anything Before You’ deals with that intoxicating feeling of infatuation – whether it’s love or lust. Reflecting those sensual and pre-obsessive vibes, Foley unleash an impressive groove which slinks beneath funky rhythm and a dance-pop production. The range of Wallace’s vocals also keeps up with the multitude of textures that this track exudes.

 Elaborating on the origins of the single, Foley share in the quote below that ‘Anything Before You’ is a bit of a wake up call, to remind yourself that it’s okay to let someone in, just don’t lose yourself in the process.

You can also check out Foley in our recent Mini Melon Mix Ups.

“Anything Before You was a chance to check ourselves and affirm what we were both feeling – that it’s OK to feel overwhelmed by your emotions and feel like your life has been reorientated with someone else. As much as there’s power in being confident by yourself, there’s definitely power in accepting someone else and it’s reassuring to embrace that new reality for no reason other than the fact it makes you feel good”.

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