Chatterbox: The PX producers behind Citrus Fresh’s ‘Operating System’ sit down for a chinwag.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows? 

Thanks for having us Purple Melon!

40Hurtz: something no-one knows? OK, when I was younger, about 5. My parents would be undressing and dressing me obviously, and when my shirt got caught around my head, I took on a female alter ego called Myra. 

Danny: ehhh… the first time my dad changed my nappy as a kid, when he lifted my legs I pissed straight in my left ear, maybe it helped sonically. Oh, and unknown to us, we actually rowed for a small boat club (Castleconnell) when we were kids but didn’t make the connection until last summer.  

What influences have gone into your sound recently?  

Danny: It feels like so many influences have gone into “Operating System” due to Citrus Fresh, 40Hurtz and myself all being executive producers and as involved as the other in the sound of this project. I studied Guitar at West London University and developed my own sound over the years I spent there by playing with some incredible musicians and transcribing the best of the best. I would say I’m personally very influenced by Jazz, from Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans to the crazy stuff Yussef Dayes is putting out these days, RnB and Soul. As a group we were listening a lot to Abbey Road (The Beatles) and King Kruel, Tool and Sleaford Mods. On projects I’ve recorded in the past, it’s usually been full band recordings so to get in the mood I did start listening to a lot of MF Doom, Freddie Gibbs and Earth Gang. 

40hurtz: I mean at the time, collectively we definitely were listening to a lot of Mac Demarco, Griselda stuff and deep Beatles cuts. Mike approached me about being the production side of the project along with Danny, from the get-go we all had a good chemistry. I’d just been off the back of producing all of “Pignorant” for Hazey Haze, which was a lot of hard electronic sound. So coming into this was a breath of fresh air. All of the influences that we mentioned all kinda fell out of us anyway. Along with that, Citrus was very particular about the sound of what he wanted. So there were always 3 heads involved in nearly every decision, ideas burned and scrapped, full songs left by the wayside all in the name of following a vibe and a story. At times, letting go of some of the ideas was hard, but we were so proud of the end project and the way it flowed.  

What are you currently working on?

40hurtz: I’m currently working on a project heavily inspired by old rock, metal and general outsider culture that I’m very excited about, with features from the whole PX roster hopefully, and to top it all off a new “death metal” logo haha. I also have a project with Aswell coming out soon, some grime with Krome and just generally staying busy. Also, myself, Danny and Citrus are starting to hash out another project for Citrus, and that’s just me. The rest of PX are just as busy if not more so.  

Danny: I have a sexy single coming out with Hazey Haze in March, as well as my own single in the works. Several mixtapes are in the works with other Limerick artists including Sean O’Meara, Cein Daly and Ben Wanders, as well as an EP release with the jazz band Eve’s Record Box, and a concept album with Willzee. I have been composing and recording for Denise Chalia, Murli and God Knows for releases this year, it’s been a mad year but I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to record for other artists. All of us at PX Music are doing bits constantly. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year?  

Danny: I plan to spend this year in our studio, Dry Lane, and to make bits with the PX family. Also, as soon as it’s safe to travel, I’m going to London to record some tracks with Axel Ekermann and Dario Scotti for a bigger release, that I can’t say much about for now. The main plan is to develop my sound more and collaborate as much as possible, maybe me and 40 might drop something scary. 

40hurtz: Just increase my back catalogue and keep collabing with artists, I think a lot of the time media/masses don’t really understand what beat makers and producers do. So I really have a healthy fire in me to develop my sound more and more, and still stay versatile and put my hand to everything. 

Any top tips for getting through this difficult time? 

Danny: I suppose I’m not the person to ask, I have a girlfriend and a studio I can go to everyday, if we weren’t in a lockdown I’d probably be in there anyway. If you can get to the countryside or to the middle of nowhere and spend some time there, you’ll forget that we can’t be in sweaty venues together or able to chat shit with all your mates in a smokey flat. 

40hurtz: I’m fairly blessed. I’m working in a pet shop so we’re still open and my girlfriend has kept me sane for sure. Other than that no, maybe 5 months ago I would have said something about “cook something new” or “take up painting”  but I’d say just take it one day at a time during this time, everyone is going through the same hard time and we’ll all be vaccinated up and back shaking a welly in no time.

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