Inky Nite reveal new alt-pop single ‘The Canyon’

Based in Brighton, Inky Nite are the new dynamic husband and wife twosome that have hit the alt-pop scene. Unveiling their brand spanking new dark, yet utterly dreamy single ‘The Canyon’, it fits in the perfect space of left-field pop, we here at Purple Melon have an unquenchable hankering for.

Featuring momentous vintage drum samples and studded with nostalgia inducing synth work, this newest piece truly offers the best of both worlds. Boasting a satisfying juxtaposition of darkness and light, shadows and brightness, ‘The Canyon’ carries a musical synergistic energy, resulting in a tune thats not only catchy but overflowing with the twinkling magic of twilight.

“This is the last in the trilogy of singles we recorded in our seaside flat during the first pandemic lockdown. The song came together very quickly during that time, starting as a punchy little guitar chord progression and Flick’s choppy vocal melody, which then evolved into a peppy art-pop tune that we wanted to have a Martha and the Muffins ‘Echo Beach’ vibe. In contrast to the sugary hooks and New Wave nostalgia, the lyrics are about the canyon of division in the UK. We were reading the tug-of-war of opinions online and the words poured out in response, as we tried to make sense of how we arrived at this point. The song spotlights everything from the rise of xenophobia and the relentless migrant-bashing of certain newspapers and politicians to online misinformation and social media echo chambers.” – Inky Nite

Follow Inky Nite on Instagram here.

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