Rhode Island’s Lainey Dionne unveils introspective new dark pop ballad, ‘Skin’

Rhode Island’s Lainey Dionne unveils her introspective new dark pop ballad, ‘Skin’. The release follows on from the success of her last, award winning single, ‘Hey London’ which was released earlier in the year and considered a resounding success, making the light hearted, up-beat number one of her most popular tracks on Spotify.

With no signs of stopping any time soon, Lainey Dionne hopes to impress fans yet again with the release of a slower, more solemn single that reveals a slightly more serious side to the millenial singer-songwriter. ‘Skin’ begins with a subtle mix of acoustic guitar chords and heartbeat percussion which open the song alongside a soft backing vocal. Dionne’s lead vocal then enters, with the whole production perfectly complementing and sitting underneath, letting her beautiful whisper-like vocal bleed through, with emotion clinging to each rapsy, pain-filled note.

Lainey explains the meaning behind ‘Skin’:

‘Skin’ is about what it feels like to be in a toxic relationship. You are hiding your depression & you don’t know how to get out of the relationship, it’s a cycle. You’re “only playing pretend” that you’re okay while on the inside, no one would even recognize you. You’re in denial about how deeply hurt you are and are a stranger to yourself.

With bags of natural talent, inspirations stemming from Lorde to Coldplay and Radiohead, as well as the support of famed producer and songwriter Nick Shwarz, there’s no telling the heights that Lainey Dionne is yet to reach. She has the all the necessary potential to go from a small town girl to an internationally recognised name in the pop music sphere if she keeps up her momentum.

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