Premiere: North London’s resident cool kid, Laurel Smith drops her edgy dark-pop single, ‘Game Over’

North London’s resident cool kid, Laurel Smith returns with an edgy, dark-pop single and music video for her latest hit, ‘Game Over’.

Inspired by the sounds and success of strong, trailblazing acts like Charlie XCX, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey, Laurel Smith is also making a name for herself as a badass female vocalist and songwriter. At just 18 years of age, Smith is still in college completing her A-levels, but that hasn’t stopped her putting pen to paper, writing and composing original songs in her spare time.

Her latest offering ‘Game Over’ is an R&B influenced slice of hypnotic synth pop, accented by a thick bassline and deep, distorted vocals. Smith’s appeal lies greatly in her ability to combine elements of moody pop, hip-hop and electronic synths to create a unique yet simultaneously on-trend sound. She often takes on different personas in order to detail her stories, as the lead actress in her own music video, Laurel Smith plays the character of of a girl stuck in a vicious mental cycle, trying desperately to get out of her situation but continually finding herself unable to break free.

Laurel Smith delivers a smooth and sultry distorted vocal set to rival even the most established of recording artists. ‘Game Over’ is a truly enchanting piece of music with strong international appeal, reminiscent of similar, young acts such as Billie Eilish and Ashnikko. With a distinct musical style and uber-cool aesthetic, Laurel Smith is well on her way to cementing both her music and personal brand in the hearts and minds of fans and press alike. 

“ ‘Game Over’ is a dark, atmospheric track with a driving chorus. It’s about a vicious cycle: being in a situation which you try everything to get out of, but always finding yourself back in the same place you began. Like a character in a video game, every time you die you are regenerated at the start. I wrote the track during a low point in my life where I felt I had no control over anything anymore. I hope others can hear the song and identify with the same feelings I was experiencing.”

– Laurel Smith.


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