Monelise releases haunting, bass-heavy single ‘Insane’

When The Indiependent touted Monelise as “a consistency unique artist’, it wasn’t hyperbole. The London-based musician proves once again that she has the ability to set herself apart from the crowd with new single ‘Insane’.

An artist in her own lane, songs like ‘Insane’ exist in the realm between nostalgia and futurism. Her lyrics reflect on the past, detailing the emotional footprints that have led her to feeling on the brink of her own mind, yet this is framed in a forward-thinking, experimentalist production. There’s high drama in the orchestral instrumentation and a palpable tension served up through the heavy bass.

The bold yet eerie sound of ‘Insane’ is an extension of Monelise’s previous work, ‘Clockwork Heart’, which explores the artist’s signature hypnotic quality first found in her Hauntology LP.

Where Monelise will go from here? Well, you’ll have to watch the space.

Insane is a prophecy of desire. The music and lyrics were written in a very intuitive way— almost like channelling. Over the coming few months events unfolded in a way that “justified” the theme and atmosphere of the song. We kept the original vocals from that first writing and recording session, as they contained the raw emotion that best suits the track. This song signals the beginning of a new phase in my music. In Insane, I embody a part of myself that I uncovered from my most recent, transformative experiences.”

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