Ed Prosek X The Mayries unveil video for delicately beautiful – ‘4am’

Released on the 13th of November, the soft, delicate, harmony infused ‘4am’ is the first collaborative effort by the wonderful Ed Prosek and talented duo The Mayries. Now, to accompany this rather enchanting tune, an equally as endearing visual has been unveiled. Simple, yet incredibly effective in its nature, the video features all artists in black and white, faces half draped in shadow as they detail the lyrics. Reminiscent at times, of Queens ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ but a much more current, tasteful and well, folk version.

A Jack of all trades and definitely master of all, the Berlin-based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist has managed to ride the wave of uncertainty lingering around 2020, seeing him leading away from his earlier, Pop influenced tracks to revisit his folk induced roots. Now Ed is joined by Stockholm-based singer-songwriter duo, The Mayries who add their distinctive, gorgeous vocal and emotive musicality which envelope Ed’s in a mix that leaves you utterly fulfilled yet willing for more.

4 AM is a song about the ups and downs of true love. Movies always end with a “happily ever after” but everyone knows life is more complicated than that. All the unfulfilled dreams and unresolved baggage are what keep life interesting and this song is dedicated to the true love that outlasts it all. – Ed Prosek.

Follow Ed Prosek and The Mayries on Instagram.

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