Behind The Music: Just John unveils his debut project as a solo act, ‘This Is Fate’ the visual EP.

Just John drops his highly anticipated solo EP today. It’s the emerging Toronto native’s first solo project since parting ways with friend and fellow musician Dom Dias. Hoping to make a lasting impression on his audience, Just John unveils his stunning 3-track visual EP, This Is Fate released under Warner Music Canada.

Just John – This is Fate – Visual EP

Just John brings a refreshing new energy and outlook to the musical landscape. In his genre-bending singles; ‘1000 Corpses‘, ‘Black Ghost‘ and ‘Open Wound‘, Just John incorporates his signature new-age, punk rap style with rebellious aspects of classic, British punk- rock and combines it with distorted sounds, electric guitars, and a rumbling bass.

The resulting sound is one that’s entirely original and authentically his. Through his varied artistic endeavours spanning across fashion and music, Just John’s ultimate goal is to shift the cultural plain via his deeply conceptual, high-art visual releases that are purposely and meticulously created to both provoke a reaction and evoke an emotion. John sees himself as a storyteller so This Is Fate is, therefore, his musical anthology, a collection of personal stories and ‘Open Wound’  is the third, and final thrilling chapter.

Here, Just John unpacks the overall message behind the visual project:

“I wanted to create a body of work that represented the process of my reinvention. FATE has to do a lot with Surrender. Every day we are being reborn and the film plays a lot with Death, Rebirth and the purgatory stages. Sometimes you have to learn from your past to reimagine your future. It took me a lot of time being left to my own devices,alone with my thoughts, alone with my feelings, alone with my soul – not doing or being.. but simply as the observer to find my way out...

In order for me to free myself, to reach liberation I had to shed the layers of my past, ultimately leaning into the shadows to get to the light. Only to be confronted with letting go and accepting the unknown to actualize my most authentic self, the most empowered form. 

I hope this body of work helps viewers with their own personal journeys with the healing process and to know that it’s not linear and that all parts whether good or bad are all components to get to the other side, validate them all and use it.”

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