Vocal electronic duo Laya Laya drop impressive early offering ‘Tiger’

The two members of Laya Laya, Freya (of Gospel House Choir) and Super Joshi, first came together through a shared feeling of not really fitting in anywhere as people born and raised in London to Indian parents. It’s one that many children of first-generation immigrants will relate to, but on another level, this duo also find that their musical style doesn’t fit into one world or another either.

As a way to truly explore their creative identities, Freya and Super Joshi embarked upon ‘Laya Laya’, with their first release ‘Vampire’ receiving broad supporting from BBC radio, with subsequent tracks ‘Gravity’ and ‘I Can Feel You’ finding love on the streaming platforms.

Now the pair, who describe their sound as “vocal electronic music”, have released their most substantial work yet in the form of ‘Tiger’, uniquely blending electronica, R&B and pop. Over a jungle-esque soundscape of digital sounds, the soft vocals gently pull the listener in, becoming ever bolder as we approach the bass-heavy drop into an impressive collage of drums and synths. The track also features a few tasty bars from trime artist St3ph, whose well-paced flow fits into the intense-yet-melodic production.

“We both have a shared feeling of not fitting in anywhere- always between worlds- and that sense of not belonging is reflected in our sound. We kind of live in no mans land somewhere between alt pop, RnB and dance.”

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