PREMIERE: Let AlexDrake. soothe your blues with his latest single, ‘Peace of Mind’

Los Angeles resident AlexDrake. makes a return to the airwaves with his second studio release in the form of pop-rock headbanger, ‘Peace of Mind’ featuring AJ Perdomo from the band The Dangerous Summer.

Having grown up in the same town as bands like My Chemical Romance and Senses Fail, it’s no real surprise that AlexDrake. is a lifelong fan of emo/alternative punk music and classic rock and roll. By fusing all his favourite genres together, AlexDrake. creates his own modern sound that’s filled with big, beating drums and gliding electric guitar chords.

Inspired by the pressures of everyday life and the tumultuous times we’re all currently facing; ‘Peace of Mind’ hopes to provide a musical solace from the chaos of the outside world by creating a safe space to kick back, relax and rock out.

“This song was first written and recorded while I was at my studio, my computer screen was in front of a window at my old apartment and I was writing this song and I looked outside and there were hundreds of protestors walking down my alleyway in Los Angeles Protesting. I got up and joined for the time that I could but that directly exemplifies where society was at the time of the conception of this song (and still is) which gave me the thought process and drive to create the concept.

The song really embarks on the turmoil we deal with everyday occurrences. Dealing with your boss, dealing with current societal stressors, dealing with any kind of aversion to what you love and what you want to do but still having ‘Peace of Mind’ to do you and follow your dreams, passions, and internal monologue regardless of what is being spewed at you. There is some kind of political background within it as well, meaning the hardships and terrible things we are seeing happening today are absolute atrocities to humanity and at the end of the day, we as individuals need to be able to combat what must be combatted while still loving ourselves and self-preserving when/where we can.”

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