Listen to the healing sounds of Emanuel’s latest single, ‘Black Woman’

It’s no secret that good music never ages; songs from before we were born still move us, inspire us and teach us even today – they’re timeless and Emanuel’s latest single, ‘Black Woman’ is certainly no exception.

Written over a year ago whilst in the Cayman Islands, Emanuel was inspired by conversations about the civil rights movement and Black history which encouraged him to look inside himself and ask some difficult questions about the relationship between Black men and Black women, which is historically fraught with difficulty. As a response, Emanuel penned ‘Black Woman’ as his way of attempting to remedy this through song.

“‘Black Woman’ is about reconciliation and also celebration – celebrating how strong our women are and how they hold us up,” says Emanuel. “People might think this song was written as a response to the moment right now but it’s saying the exact same thing it was saying when it was written a year ago – ‘I see you, I recognize you, I appreciate you and I love you’.”

At a speaking engagement in LA on May 22nd 1962, Malcolm X said that; “the most disrespected woman in America is the Black woman, the most unprotected woman in America is the Black woman and the most neglected person in America is the Black woman.” Sadly, his words still hold truth even today as the recent results of the grand jury verdict in Breonna Taylor’s case have shown, Black women still remain systemically unprotected, disrespected and forgotten about.

‘Black Woman’ was written as a love letter to all Black Women, a song filled with encouraging words, affirmations and positivity. It’s a song created to soothe the spirit, heal the soul and unburden the mind of those who need it most. Emanuel is bound to create music that is cathartic through his own artists manifesto, his upcoming album, Alt Therapy is a collection of songs that vow to do just that.

As the first release of the project, ‘Black Woman’ sets the tone for Emanuel’s work. It’s a beautifully written, deeply considered and emotive song. The poignancy of the lyrics are gorgeously translated through Emanuel’s smooth, honey-like voice and the soul and depth of the song stay with you long after it’s finished.

“Alt Therapy. It represents so many things. It is healing. Healing for those things in the past that would have us in bondage, in depression, in sadness. Those voices that told us we weren’t important. It’s gratification for the yearning in our hearts to do something great for the people of this world.

These songs are stories-stories from me, about us. I believe God has been the leading benefactor. He gave me virtues and a voice. He gave me melodies that catch the ear and the soul. All of this, so that I could give a message of truth and love-filled with peace, to the world. This album is happening during this renaissance of beautiful Black art in the world. I want to make my mark in this renaissance with beautiful music forged in countless hours of dedication and defiance to the bullsh*t going on. I would rather sip my favourite wine daily, than try all the world’s wines.

My music is like wine that renews herself daily and is true to her flavour, always.”


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