Emma Oliver unveils her second intimate & emotional new single, ‘I’m sorry I miss you’

Her face may look familiar to you and you’re probably wondering why, you most likely recognise Emma Oliver as a famed Tik-Tok star but there’s much more to her than first meets the eye.

Behind all the viral internet clips and funny videos there lies a multi-faceted and layered persona, a woman of many talents. More than just comedy and quick laughs, Emma also happens to be a gifted songwriter and vocalist.

Following the incredible success of her breakout, debut single, ‘Sad Sometimes’, produced by Loyalties, Emma has now returned with her second offering, in the form of heartfelt alternative pop anthem ‘Sorry I Miss You’. The track continues Emma Oliver’s precedent of emotional yet danceable songs, this time with a far more intimate approach.

‘I’m Sorry I Miss You’ retells the story of a first kiss and the subsequent flood of emotions and questions that follow. Her songwriting cleverly sets the scene as if it’s happening live and the lyrics see Emma repeatedly question herself and her emotions over a dreamy instrumental. The result is a light and airy pop soundscape, filled with raw and relatable emotion that’s somehow still fun and dancefloor friendly.


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