Felix Räuber portays the story on an Autistic character in ‘Autsider’

Based on Felix Räuber’s biography and childhood growing up in the former German Democratic Republic, the song and music video for ‘Autsider’ portrays the journey from being an outsider to becoming an insider in our modern society.

Photo credit: René Gaens

The central Autistic character is a representation of Räuber’s musical process. This powerful protagonist challenges a whole society in the Eastern parts of Germany that still hasn’t woken up to its past.

A mix of neoclassical, electronic music and pop, this single is a continuation of Felix Räuber’s series of outsiders, as we heard with ‘Empty Space’ and ‘Disconnected,’ depicting an alcoholic and an immigrant respectively.

Join the German musician is looking past our daily observations with ‘Autsider’.

Check out the new video, directed by Heiko auf der Mauer.

Lead photo credit: Madlen Krippendorf

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