Erin Kirby releases pop fuelled anthem – ‘Practice Girlfriend’

Erin Kirby from Atlanta, GA has just released her newest pop fuelled, super catchy number – ‘Practice Girlfriend’. With angelic, incredibly capable vocals, Erin sounds nothing short of a radio playing pop star in this new release. With a catchy hook, heartfelt lyrics and the perfect amount of sass, this is a fine slice of electro pop. Erins powerful vocals have landed her recognition as a John Maxwell Rising Star and as Jezebel Magazine’s songwriter of the year; which, soon after, she made it in the American Idol Top 60. Keep an eye on this pop songstress!

“‘Practice Girlfriend” is an upbeat pop song that I hope makes other girls feel empowered. The lyrics tell the story of a real life dating experience of mine, and stresses not settling for anyone that does not treat you how you deserve. This boy I was talking to used used to tell me that it was okay that he was seeing someone else at the same time because she was just his “practice girlfriend”. I was telling Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth (who co-wrote and produced the track) about the situation, and this upbeat pop song is what naturally arose; I hope it is able to be a supportive anthem to some.” – Erin Kirby.


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