Our favourite eco duo Berne pair up with producer KNTRL for fresh new summery remix ‘Stay’.

Our favourite Maltese duo, environmental ambassadors and eco-pop warriors, Berne are back with a brand new, funky and fresh take on their previously released single ‘Stay’.

This time they team up with fellow Maltese and producer KNTRL to create a laid back, electronically haunting, yet dance floor worthy remix of the well loved tune. A refreshing revamp, still maintaining the essence and underlying message of the planetary plea, this new take has breathed even more life into the single. Championing not only KNTRL’s chameleon like capabilities but also Bernes unique sound and incredible versatility as artists. Never shy, this remix is bouncy, breezy and beautifully made.

Deborah Borg Brincat and Gianluca Pulvirenti make up the alt pop pair as they deliver themes of environmental consciousness through layers of ethereal vocals, reverb-laden spacey guitar, and atmospheric production.

“It’s nice to work on music with a really meaningful message like this, and use my distinct soundscape to switch up the sound. My style of writing complemented the great elements the track already had, while also pushing the tempo to achieve a balance between a dance tune and a chilled afternoon-at-home track.” – KNTRL

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