Hyzteria is back with another dance banger, ‘Royalty’

While the nightlife might be on pause for the majority of the world, that doesn’t mean we can’t at least enjoy the music, the bevs and the boogie of that most beloved of pastimes. To transport yourself back onto the dancefloor, we highly recommend sticking Hyzteria’s brand new single ‘Royalty’ on your speakers.

The 16-year-old DJ and producer from South East London has absolutely hit it out of the park with this one. Having already enjoyed success with his early release, the artist who used to go by Christian O’Mahony has made a name for himself making hard-hitting dance tracks and an undoubtable commercial appeal.

When you’re done bopping around to the new track, be sure to check out Hyzteria’s monthly show on house music radio station, Electric, for more surefire tunes.

Follow Hyzteria on Instagram.

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