Premiere: Juliet July drops debut EP, the blissful – ‘Palm trees in the mist’.

Amsterdam’s alternative R&B songstress Juliet July has returned with her debut EP, the introspectively gorgeous – ‘Palm trees in the mist’. Describing the mysterious title in detail, she explains,

“Palm trees represent happiness, joy, warmth, The Mist represents more heavy, sad and dark emotions. ‘Palm trees in the mist’ combined, creates a symbolism for me to keep seeing the ‘Silver Livings’ in whatever situation life throws at us.”Juliet July.

The EP itself is another glorious showcase of Juliet’s innate ability to create such an exquisite fusion of contemporary R&B, soul and jazz, which is beautifully presented within each and every element of the 6-track project.

‘Palm trees in the mist’ takes listeners on a reflective journey through a multitude of emotive layers, leading from love, longing and lust onwards to heartbreak and anger, finally resolving in an air of positivity and gratitude in which the saying ‘Silver Linings’ remains the overarching and ever-present theme.

Featuring previously released tracks ‘Easy’, ‘Sunday Afternoon‘ and ‘Blue Paradise’, the EP also includes new tracks ‘One Way Street’ and the sultry single ‘Gone’.

‘Gone’, explores her velvet-like vocals which ooze an understated power, whilst effortlessly emitting a meditative energy.

Check out the inviting, miniature vibey visual for ‘Gone’ below:

Palm trees in the mist’

“Layered moments of mixed emotions. 
Multicolored to grey.
Doors open while locking others.
Finding love while losing it.
The duality.
It has always fascinated me
Just as, the possibility, to choose,
How to make sense of it, this time.
I’d like to say; I kiss the silver linings
Feel the sunshine in the rainbow
And see, the palmtrees in the mist..”

-Juliet July.


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