Reece Lemonius releases second EP ‘Midnight’ Featuring single ‘Something I Can Feel’.

Taken from the ‘Midnight’ EP, ‘Something I Can Feel’ is a no-nonse pop single that is loaded with memorable melodies and jam packed with radio-friendly feels. Throwing back to simpler times, Reece’s vocals are sounding as comfortable and effortless as ever over a bed of 80s inspired synths and disco derived guitar licks which give the chorus an extra punchy, pleasing kick.

Hailing from London, Reece Lemonius combines his big-city swagger with a flair for writing to create this second EP project. The 7-track triumph features other knock-out singles, such as the title track ‘Midnight’, ‘Bodies’ and ‘The One I Love’.

Combining RnB with commercial pop, Reece has continued to build upon his already accomplished back-catalog and as always, raises the bar yet again to even dizzier heights.


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