Chatterbox: Chapter & Verse chat current projects, coping with quarantine & Disney +.

On todays instalment of our cheerful little chatterbox we speak to the truly wonderful Chapter & Verse guys. Read what we got into below…


Hey, thanks for talking to us. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

Hey! Pleasure, thanks for having me.  

Easy. A few years back I was best man on the first ever same-sex marriage episode of ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’. It was the first episode ever to have its name changed to “Don’t Tell The Groom”. Was a wild experience and I’m pleased to say my friends are still happily married! Search ‘Jack & James’ ! 

Amazing! What a beautiful experience, thanks for sharing!

What influences have gone into your sound recently?

 A lot of pop, hip-hop & r’n’b sounds/textures. Most of us are big into those genres outside of the rock world and we’ve dug deep on fusing those influences into Chapter and Verse recently.

We used to live really close to each other, but now we’re further afield so a lot of writing is done remotely these days. I’ve put on a bit more of a production hat since then, so quite a lot of my personal tastes for sampling, synth-work and electronics now feature in the band. 

What are you currently working on?

Obviously the next thing for Chapter and Verse beyond ‘Love & Error’, but also a project called ‘The Isolation Sessions’ where we’ve recruited a bunch of artists from different bands (so far including Dream State, Hellions, Courage My Love & Sun Arcana) to come together and remotely write/record new music. It’s already taking shape and we’ll be dropping the first track not long after ‘Love & Error’ comes out. Dead excited about that.


Chapter & Verse, Sweet Time Behind the Scenes. 12/01/2020. Photo


What are your plans for this year, has the current state of things affected those?

 Touring has been hit the hardest. For a band like ours, touring is the mainstay source of support for a record release, so not being able to get into venues right now is tricky. 

 Our headline run has been postponed, as have lots of festivals we were due to play, so we’re just having to take things day-by-day and do what we can to support ‘Love & Error’. 

When we DO get to tour again, it’s gunna be like a big celebration. Can’t. WAIT.


You and me both my friend! So tell me, what are your top tips for getting through this difficult time?

If you’re working, take breaks and remember to eat – I’m taking the opportunity to write a load of music at the moment and I keep getting so stuck in that I forget. By 4/5pm I keep finding myself sat wondering why I feel terrible and then going “Oh yeah, I haven’t been outside, or eaten anything for 6 hours”.

 If you’re not working, don’t feel guilty. It’s perfectly ok to just enjoy time in your own home and relax. 

 BUT… Biggest top tip is Disney+. Yeah, it’s the latest corporate cash machine, but it’s also so so sweet. ‘Moana’ is SICK.

Chapter & Verse, Sweet Time Behind the Scenes. 12/01/2020. Photo


A band after my own heart, I LOVE Disney+, Disney cures everything, period. 

Thanks for the chat Chapter & Verse!

You can check out their brand new EP, Love & Error below:


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