Bad Honey release animated visual to compliment single ‘Circles’.

Last month this delightful duo graced us with another delectable single – in which we fell head over heels and round in ‘Circles’ for. Now Bad Honey have released an accompanying visual to compliment the soul-flecked single.

Bathed in a glorious sunshine yellow, featuring beautiful, whimsical illustrations with pops of red throughout, this video is narrated in the form of subtitles which are from an imaginary language! The fluidity and creativity of the moving pictures slides perfectly around the tones and sounds whipped up by the female duo, a match made in heaven, or honey?


“The video is an animation made by a really good friend of Teresa’s from Milan called Michele Stella. He created moving drawings of imaginary characters and objects, narrated by a made up language. 
It’s been fun to discover how one art form can influence another in such an interesting way. Our first animated video, this is exciting and we love the surreal sense of the video which goes so well alongside our music of a similar other-worldly feel.” – Bad Honey



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