Aunty Social asks if you’d ‘Crack A Deal’ with latest single.

Alt pop, Aunty Social otherwise known as Daniela Gitto, releases electric pop indie gem in the form of newest single ‘Crack a Deal’. This newest addition is far from predictable and stares down conventionality directly in the face.

With its subtle, irreverent darkness and an understated trip-hop beat, Aunty Socials vocals are fully displayed taking complete ownership of the track and rightfully so. Theres an underlying resentment and fierceness embedded within this song that at times, almost makes it outright disdainful. But this artistic conception goes hand in hand with the inspiration for the song, being about rejection. Interestingly so, it’s not explored in the usual romantic kind of way, but the “prohibitive nine to five life that offers little fulfilment.”

Within which she also discusses a battle many musicians have had to face during their careers and still do, the internal conflict between working a job you hate, in order to do something you love.

The video released alongside the track is an ode to originality and has a black comedic feel throughout, which satisfyingly contrasts the bright and colourful backdrop of 50’s suburbia. This Cynically saccharine video toys with the concept of the outdated classic, “The American Dream” vs. a total nightmare.

One piece of advice though? Just be on your guard if Aunty S, ever offers to make you dinner…

“This song is a prayer to the 9 to 5 gods begging them to give me a break. All my circumstances prepared me for a conventional life except the actual desire. I worked a 9 to 5 office job getting good pay, did two years of college and did pretty well with only 1 year left to graduate, but instead, I dropped out and worked only to fund my music. It was hard balancing a job I hated just to fund my dream job. This song is how I expressed the conflicting thoughts that came along with it.” – Daniela


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