Chatterbox: New York’s Day Kornegay talks to us about inspiration, catching shows and the industry

“Automatic” is about the story of a ‘girl on the go’. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this?

Automatic is essentially about chasing fun and adventure. It’s danceable and reflective of how we move now. If you check social media, everyone loves to travel and enjoy life and post it! That sort of inspired this joint about a guy, chasing a girl, who’s chasing her best life around the world! 

What are your plans for the upcoming album? Do you have a release date yet?

I have a 5 song EP that’s ready for the world. The release date is TBA but soon. I wanna let people sit with the single Automatic for a bit before we drop the EP. There’s another single in the works as well. Keep checking @daykornegay on IG, FB, and for up to date information.

Can you name three of your biggest inspirations and how they inspire you? They do not have to be artist’s.

I’m inspired by so many people, humanity has a lot to offer in the part of inspiration. My Mother is a great inspiration to me, she is one of the smartest, strongest, hard working persons I’ve ever seen! Jay Z is a huge inspiration for obvious reasons; self made and from Brooklyn! Third I’d have to say, Stevie Wonder as he’s been able to write so many amazing songs that almost preach love and joy and awareness and activism and still be musically brilliant while doing so.

How did you get your start in music?

Like every black kid from Brooklyn… church! Lol nah, it’s a combo of church and my amazing father who nurtured the talent he saw in me without pressing or pushing just supporting exposing me to all types of music! 

What do you enjoy doing outside of music? Tell us about a Day in the life of…Day!

I love movies and television! I’m somewhat of a film fanatic with a focus on horror films! Love action comedies as well! A day in the life of Day includes coffee, working on music, writing songs, these days a ton of emails and texts, working out, and finding a lil time to watch a show or movie or see a dope live performance, I live in NYC so there’s always a great show to catch somewhere.  

What are your thoughts on today’s music industry? What are some challenges / pros / cons?

The industry today is very complex. The things that are gifts are also the things that create challenges. For example today everyone has access to being able to create music, So in a sense, every one is a producer but also everyone’s a “producer”. So while the playing field is more level access-wise the broadened feel makes it harder to find dope talent because there’s just so much out there.That’s just one example of many. But I’m a glass is half full type of person, I say the more the merrier and things will sort themselves out as the dedicated and hard working individuals will find a way to cut through! 

What what the last song you listened to?

Automatic by Day Kornegay, but before that Brown Skin Girl by Beyoncé. 

What role do you feel pop music plays in the world? 

Pop music plays a huge role in the world as it drives trends… dance, fashion, film, television.


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