Emerging pop duo YVR release their hook-laden freshman EP ‘Night Days’

Emerging Los Angeles based pop duo YVR have released their hook-laden freshman EP ‘Night Days’. Courtney Jenaé and Stephen Stahl cut their teeth writing hit tracks for massive K-POP artists including Exo and Girls Generation; after millions of record sales and numerous number ones the married couple decided to craft their own sound. Singles such as ‘Messy’, ‘Unique’ and ‘Always You’ have made their way onto the debut EP,  having racked up almost 300,000 streams combined. It also includes their infectious new single ‘Heartless’, an energetic alt-pop romp that sees big melodies meet searingly dynamic production.

“There are endless distractions during the day which is why our creative minds peak at night,” explains vocalist Courtney Jenaé. “Night Days is a collection of 6 songs that focuses on personal relationships and life experience. We poured ourselves into every lyric, melody and sound.”


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