Los Angeles based songwriter Noé releases her debut EP ‘ibynoé’, a genre-bending six track

All photos by Andrea Czarnota

Los Angeles based songwriter Noé releases her debut EP ‘ibynoé’, a genre-bending six track. Noé has been honing her craft, writing with some of the hottest talent in the pop world including Snakehips, Gallant, Emily Burns and Wrabel. During this period her own sound has taken shape, sitting somewhere between alt-pop, R&B and indie. The new EP showcases her ability to craft effortlessly emotive lyrics and sumptuous melodies; it has seen Noé rack up over 40 million streams on Spotify, with standout singles ‘Puzzles’ and ‘Pity Party’ dazzling new listeners.

“Putting out these songs makes me feel so proud, but also a little bittersweet. I’ve worked so much on this EP. It took so many thoughts, over thoughts, sleepless nights, crying, love, anxiety and more. This EP was basically my baby and now it feels like it’s off to college. I spent such a long time with these songs at the forefront of my brain, that it’s a little weird having them out into the real world, and having to start focusing on new songs – although I am also really excited for that new chapter!” – Noé

Press6 (Andrea Czarnota)Press4 (Andrea Czarnota)

“I had been thinking about the concept for a while, but the song eventually came out when I was sitting on my bed, playing guitar. I started performing it as soon as I wrote it and it quickly became a “fan” favorite. I played it so much, that people knew the lyrics and sang along, even if the song had never been released. Funnily enough, though, it was the last song off of the EP to be recorded. I didn’t know how to go about it since I didn’t want to lose the raw and “live” essence of the song by overproducing it – so I took it to Matt (Parad), and we compromised. I really hope those who know the song from long ago will like what we did with it!” – Noé on ‘i cheated on you’


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