‘Elegant Girl inc.’ is a reflection on toxic music trends from New York’s Blonder

‘Elegant Girl inc.’ is a reflection on toxic music trends from New York City-based songwriter Blonder. It comes on the back of the emerging artist stepping out of the shadows of his former label, after an onerous split. This caused Blonder to go back to the drawing board, he stepped back to the lo-fi settings that spurred his initial love for making music; the subsequent demos made their way Loren Humphrey and Stockholm Studios – an analogue tape room in Brooklyn. From there, the new EP ‘Cowboy Diaries’ was born – in which ‘Elegant Girl inc.’ will be housed. It is raw, emotive music, filled with warm sounds; from the rich piano to Blonder’s enigmatic vocal.

“The most succinct way I can describe Elegant Girl inc. is that it’s a song about two people falling in love on Adderal. While working on the Cowboy Diaries EP, I was really trying to reject what I saw as toxic trends in commercial music by updating more obvious timeless influences like Harry Nilsson, or solo John Lennon – I found myself juxtaposing something very honest with something very tongue-in-cheek, and felt confident about what I stumbled upon. As the lyrics might plainly suggest, it was in part inspired by seeing the way in which an ex-model I was briefly dating made her living day-to-day. All of these factors felt like the right recipe for a song I could live with releasing.” – Blonder


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