The Antlers grace Union Chapel, London with haunting illustration of seminal album ‘Hospice’

The Antlers returned to London for the first time since 2015 to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their seminal album ‘Hospice‘.  Playing a stripped back yet entirely immersive set, original members Peter Silberman and Michael Lerner were joined by friend and fellow touring member Tim Mislock to play the 2009 album in its entirety.

The band revisited Union Chapel for this event; a venue that provides the perfect atmosphere to amplify the inherently harrowing and poignant quality of the album.  The auditorium was sold out, and the room was settled for the entirety of both Mislock’s opening set and The Antlers’ beautiful showcase.

‘Hospice’ itself has stood as a piece of moving and soul-stirring art since its release in 2009, however it took upon a new form through this performance.  The evening was a timeless, transient one, defined in part by catharsis and in part by admission of personal experiences to strangers.  The overwhelming feeling of the evening was that of unity, both on a personal, emotional level, and in terms of the album itself.  For me, the record felt more united than it had ever been – as one body of work that blended effortlessly and cohesively to create a narrative that was unavoidably catechismal within the sempiternal setting of the Chapel.

Wrapping up the final track from Hospice, ‘Epilogue‘, Silberman encouraged the listeners to stay seated as they would be returning after a short break to play some more tracks from later records.

The 7-part encore consisted of tracks from across the discography.  This included tracks from 2012 EP ‘Undersea’, their second full length ‘Burst Apart‘ (2011), and a number from their most recent record ‘Familiars‘ (2015).

You can purchase the 10 year reissue LP of ‘Hospice’ here


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