Joya Mooi takes us on a trip through her childhood on ‘Rice In Foil’

‘Rice In Foil’ is the stunning new single from Amsterdam-based songwriter Joya Mooi; with South African roots, the emerging artist draws upon a range of influences to inform her sound – from hip-hop to jazz and R&B. The video, directed by Shannon Kanhai, draws upon Mooi’s early life; and was shot in Amsterdam at the Thami Mnyele Foundation. It is a celebration of visual artistry from across the African diaspora. The song itself is characterised by drifting melodies, a dry trap beat and reverb-laden synths.

“I grew up in the Netherlands, in the aftermath of fathers exile from South Africa due to the Apartheid regime. As the only kid of color in my class, I always felt like the outsider. While observing my classmates, I noticed that my lunch box was different, their concept of me and my  family was different from the reality. My sister always told me to ignore people and to just believe that my life was for me, but I was and I’m still so sensitive. So this song is acknowledging this sentiment of being an outcast and giving space to a strong longing for equality from a young age, influenced by my own experiences.” – Joya Mooi


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