Introducing: London’s Collard stuns on ‘Warrior Cry’, the first single from his upcoming debut album

Collard is a 24 year old singer, songwriter and rapper from London; you may know him as part of Last Night in Paris, the acclaimed collective who stormed the industry from their debut single in 2016. Collard decided he wanted to pursue his own musical path and travelled to Los Angeles with producer Zach Nahome – during this time he crafted an emotive, expansive sound that perfectly frames his intimate vocal tone. ‘Warrior Cry’ is the first single from his upcoming debut album – it’s a stunningly searing track with soaring vocal melodies and vibrant piano lines.

Warrior cry is a very personal piece to me,” explains Collard. “It’s about feeling saved by a heroine and allowing myself to be completely vulnerable which as a man and how I was raised I often stop myself from being. The song is a metaphoric journey my heroine has taken to save me from myself, and I welcome her whole-heartedly, white flags and all.”


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