Chatterbox: Prodigious pop pair Petrie talk to us about ‘Superstore’, headlining Moth Club and inspiration

Hi guys, how’s your week been?

Hey hun, not bad thanks we put out an album that we think is great u should listen to it!!

Tell us a secret, something not even your mums know.

We tell our mums everything and so should you Lex you naughty bohemian!!

‘Texting You’ is a standout track, how did it come about?

Thank u thank u hrmmm well it was a beat poem, then a jazz ballad, then a sorta fruity bop and then eventually we decided to fuse the styles of Dolly Parton and Not3s and write a torch song for the risky text with more than a sprinkling of neuroticism.

What themes did you want to explore on Superstore?

A fat load of nothing intentionally, but out bled restlessness, delusion and heady summer romance. You could read it as an exploration of the giddy birth and inevitable destruction of relationships in your ‘formative years’.

Credit: Carolina Mills

Do you have a favourite song from the record?

Laurie: Too Damn Busy, OMG so relatable 😅😅😅👌👌👌

George: Regulate, I wish it was our biggest song

Were there overarching inspirations you can recall during the period in which the album was being made?

We watched Withnail & I while recording the album in the middle of nowhere in a caravan and were pretty shaken up by the parallels in our lives down to the most minute details… so that madness bled into the album somewhat.

Joni Mitchell is all over the record in spirit, but she won’t respond to our emails for a feature. Clive Mercury, JESS and Saint Torrente brought things to the record that seared through our souls and drove us to finishing the damn thing and they continue to inspire the hell out of us! 

Credit: Carolina Mills

Your sound is very open, both in terms of production and lyrics – was that an intention from the start?

“Boredom is brutal but branding is crucial”, as the saying we just coined goes. It’s really boring if you stick to a formula but it’s pretty amateurish to sound like ten different bands. Gotta have some of that sweet cohesiveness to really tie the room together. Maybe for the next record our SOUND will be more consistent but we’ll be damned if u stop us writing lyrics freely you devils!!

Are you excited about your upcoming headline at Moth Club?

You bloody bet.

Credit: Carolina Mills

Will you be handing out Lemon Ice?

If the nice ice cream van man who orders it in for us can get it in time, everything hangs by a thread you see we live such exhilarating lives

Finally, have you booked your reservations for Valentine’s Day yet?

“Valentine’s Day is a consumer myth.” I (Laurie) once received this message as an origami swan folded by my valentine’s French exchange. Meanwhile I’d got them the new Foals CD so now I purport to believe the same cliché because it still hurts. Also we have a BBC radio interview in Luton that night lol 💕💕💕💕


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