Phoenix’s Upsahl shares her confident new single ‘Drugs’

Phoenix-born Upsahl shares her confident new single ‘Drugs‘ from her debut album due for release this March. ‘Drugs’ is a concoction of indie, pop and electronic blends, topped with Upsahl’s poised vocals which glide effortlessly over the stripped back production; it will inevitably be stuck in your head all week.

‘Drugs’ isn’t meant to be literal. The song is basically a fake conversation with someone who is acting like they’re the shit. I’ve experienced this a lot, where I’ll be talking with someone, and the conversation quickly turns into a name-dropping brag fest. “I just came here for the drugs” is me saying that I’m not here for the extra BS or the clout that people think is so important. I’m just here for the realness. When listening to the song, I want people to feel like they’re at a party, overhearing a bunch of surface-level conversations. My voice throughout the song changes perspective, which reflects those conversations that you hear when you’re walking through a party. It’s supposed to be a feel-good song that embraces genuine people and honest connections.” – UPSAHL


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