Kelsey Waters’ new single is the 90’s-inspired female pop-rock you’ve been missing

Nashville’s Kelsey Waters shares her newest single ‘I Pour’, an ode to confronting grief and processing death. ‘I Pour‘ throws you straight back a few decades with guitar-fuelled 90’s elements, blending electronic, rock and pop genres. Moreover, the beautifully executed music video perfectly reflects each dimension of the single, from the fun-loving feel-good vibe of the music, to subtle nods to Bowie, to displaying Water’s grieving and coping processes, to keeping her mother’s memory alive in her art (with a whiskey in hand). You will struggle to get ‘I Pour‘ out of your head for weeks.

“I wrote ‘I Pour’ a few days after Bowie died. I’m obviously a Bowie fan and his death was difficult for me and so many of my friends. I sat down in a room with my co-writer and we hashed out Bowie’s death and what it’s like to miss someone… Whether it’s a hero, an old lover, etc. Being so young and having to learn very quickly what it’s like to grieve also means having to learn to cope. ‘I Pour’ is about that coping process. For me, that meant many nights of heavy drinking to numb the pain. I’ve grown up a little bit since writing this song and it’s taken on so many new meanings for me. In January of 2018, I lost my mother unexpectedly and I had to learn how to get through that on an entirely new level. I use her pictures and her memory in a lot of my work now.” – Kelsey Waters


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