New York’s rising star Tanners delivers a pop-tinged retro banger ‘Venus’

The Tennessee-turned-New Yorker Tanners shares a 70’s-vibe pop number ‘Venus‘, a custom blend of electro-pop garnished with indie-pop elements. Combining psychedelic energy, vibrant synths, retro vocals and an electronic soundscape, ‘Venus‘ is a mesmerising story descriptively narrated through Tanners’ poignant lyricism. Tanners’ authentic sound is an aesthetic you can’t help but admire, and we look forward to seeing what the artist brings us in the New Year.


“The single is a recollection of a recent trip to South East Asia. At night the sky was jet black, but the moon and stars were so bright that you didn’t even need a light. With some practice, I got pretty good at identifying stars and planets and it kind of became my party trick. Venus was the earliest to rise and was also the brightest point in the sky, so it became my reference point throughout my trip.” – Tanners


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