Gabrielle Aplin shares her beautifully raw ballad ‘My Mistake’

Gabrielle Aplin, as part of her forthcoming third album due for release next year, has shared her beautifully raw piano ballad, ‘My Mistake‘. The single unleashes her powerful yet delicate vocals and allows them to take centre stage, whilst her particularly poignant lyricism is drenched in masterful, brooding poetry. Another unsurprisingly authentic and stunning release by Aplin; we look forward to what she brings in the New Year (tissues at the ready).

“I’m really excited to release ‘My Mistake’. I’ve always found writing a therapeutic escape from real life, but this song gently forced me to be brutally honest. This is a song about finding a strange sense of comfort in admitting to yourself that you’re not feeling 100% and completely owning it.” – Gabrielle Aplin


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