Memphis-born Texas-based Justin Christopher drops smooth single ‘Relax or Rehab’

Memphis-born, Texas-based Justin Christopher drops ‘Relax or Rehab‘, a smooth and abstract single dedicated to the coping mechanisms used to relate to the artist’s insecurities and anxieties. The abstract single, with blends of rap and hip-hop, displays Christopher’s swirling and captivating vocals, whilst the verses proudly exhibit the artist’s lyrical mastery; you will undoubtedly have this one on repeat. We look forward to hearing what Justin Christopher has in the works for us in the New Year.

taking shit.jpg

“I wanted to explore around this existential coping mechanism I often find myself using.
It’s pretty much acknowledging and facing those deep anxieties and fears that can paralyze you at their greatest strength. Some days you look them dead in the eye and you know you can win, while other days you just aren’t sure. Either way something will either get done and change or nothing will happen and it’ll all be the same.” – Justin Christopher



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