Stockholm’s Discrete delivers his newest banger ‘Never Know’ ft. Maria Mathea

Stockholm’s Discrete, AKA August Ramberg shares his newest release ‘Never Know‘ (ft. Maria Mathea), an infectious and energetic pop song which blends reggae, electropop, and trap; the perfect amalgamation for an earworm track you can’t get out of your head. The hook stands above and beyond others with its intoxicating melodies and dynamic percussive elements; a perfect bed for Mathea’s vocals to play upon. We await eagerly to see what Discrete drops on us in 2019, but we are pretty certain it will be a banger.


“Our first idea behind the track was to mash up different genres and see how we could make them fit together – we took reggae influences and layered them on trap arrangements and ideas. I think it’s important to try and push boundaries of genres, otherwise music doesn’t progress. Kirsten Joy and George Dennis wrote an amazing top line and lyrics, while it almost goes without saying how much Maria Mathea killed it delivering the vocals.” – Discrete

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