Chatterbox: Sleep Thieves run us through their new ‘Fortress’ EP, Dublin and influences

Hey guys! Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

Keith: I won an award for drama when 11. I played Sonic the hedgehog in the play that won a national competition. I know, I’m as surprised as you!

Sorcha: I had to give up studying music in 6th year because the class were wild and we didn’t have the coursework covered. I did home economics for my final exams (Irish Leaving Cert) but joined my first band the following year. 

Wayne: Speaking of odd adolescent achievements, I won a silver medal in the Irish Schools National Ski Races (dry-slope) when I was 13, but have to date still never been skiing on snow

What are your musical influences?

We like and listen to a lot of different music and it varies by member but we’re all big Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac fans. Recent listening is:

Keith: George Fitzgerald, Rosalia, Billie Eilish.
Sorcha: Natalie Prass, The War on Drugs, Mitski 
Wayne:  Weval, ABRA, Daniel Avery

What do you like to do outside of your career in music? 

Keith: We all have day jobs. Myself and Wayne work in Marketing for big tech companies and Sorcha is a vice principal in a school. I think it’s actually what has kept us going as a band. I would personally crack up if I had to do music as a career that was paying rent. I’m excited going to rehearsal now and when I get to make music. I’d be afraid I’d burn myself out or become super unproductive doing it every day. What we’ve got going works for us.

How would you describe the sound you’ve crafted on Fortress?

Keith: Driving, layered, cinematic, atmospheric are general keywords we hear a lot from people who’ve heard it. It’s the same we’ve been hearing since we started putting music out.

Where are you based, and how does your city impact your music? 

Keith: We are based in Dublin city in Ireland. We have a studio in an old church priory. Dublin is a lovely city, super cultural, artistic and full of great venues and great people willing to support the arts. Dublin definitely has a part to play in the music, maybe Ireland in general actually. It’s a haunting kind of place with a great history. 

What does ‘Fortress’ as a project draw upon thematically?

Keith: This EP is a collection of tunes written as we went through a phase of enforced studio moves in the last 2 years – we’ve moved into and out of spaces 5 times!  Each time, the space was to be sold/redeveloped commercially as Dublin moves from (its latest) bust to boom cycle.  Each studio had its own vibe and different types of tune were created in each so we decided to take a little of all those sessions together to encapsulate this era.  It really hammered home the importance of a settled surrounding to allow us to focus on being creative as we also record everything in house – now (we’re pretty sure) we have a long-term gig secured, our studio is again our Fortress

What do fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

Keith: Fortress is released November 16th, we have some shows planned for early next year we will be announcing soon. We’ve also got another single release coming early next year too.


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