Influences: Boston based beatmaker Mozado talks us through the tracks that impacted ‘Hellacopters’

“Hellacopters is my first step into performing on my own productions. It is the energy of being a young independent artist with no limits and being from a city that, I believe, is in the perfect position to create its own musical identity.”

“Hi-Tek was the first producer I ever fell in love with. Reflection Eternal essentially introduced me to hiphop and the culture and lucky for me they did it with class. To this day I still listen to Memories Live, Blast, Africa Dream, Expansion Outro and all of Train Of Thought, Black Star, and RPMs in complete awe.”

“Early on it hit me how much more complex, and emotive Kanye’s beats were than those of his rap peers. This was even before I knew he had started  his career as a producer so I thought he just picked out better beats. Little did I know it was actually just that no one else could make or even think up the stuff he was making. That realization, years later as I was learning FL Studio, made me want to be a self produced rapper and pushed me to make my beats a little more creative and memorable than the competition. Side note, Kanye also produced a lot of my favorite songs from Talib Kweli (1/2 of Reflection Eternal) as well.”

“Through his music and interviews, Chance really pushed the lyrics to Hellacopters out of me by showing me I don’t have to fit in this box hiphop has championed for so long of hard thugs who rap about cash, drugs, and hoes. I don’t have to hide my corniness, or my interests, or my creativity. I can celebrate what makes me unique, long as the music is dope.”

“The main synth in Hellacopter’s hook is a direct result of SEVERAL failed attempts trying to recreate Flumes (in)famous synth that would spawn an entire electronic sub genre, future bass. Never actually was successful at replicating it perfectly but I did come up with some other cool sounds.”

“Aside from the Flume synth, most of the other sonics are inspired by Snakehips’ bootleg of Gold by Bondax. Because it was a bootleg you can’t find this remix everywhere but it’s one of the best remixes ever, period. Music doesn’t get any smoother. The goal of Hellacopters was to create a sound pallet that pulled from both the past and the future in a refreshing yet nostalgic way like the boys, Snakehips do regularly. They leaned more r&b with their bootleg and I leaned more hiphop with Hellacopters.”


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