Brighton’s Lydia Evangeline gets personal with new single ‘Down’

Brighton’s Lydia Evangeline gets personal with her new single ‘Down‘, an ode to self-worth and escaping toxicity. Although lyrically it is a brooding and gritty track, the percussion-led production, by Willie Weeks, provides for a powerfully atmospheric chorus. The inspiration for the track is unrivalled; Evangeline captures perfectly the humanistic emotions we experience when we must rediscover our self worth after overcoming a toxic relationship. We wait eagerly to see what Evangeline brings us in the coming year.

“The shaping of this song has been super collaborative, but lyrically it couldn’t get more personal. It’s about being in a relationship you know you shouldn’t be in, but staying far, far too long. I knew this person was toxic, but getting away from them was easier said than done. I imagine that’s a pretty relatable story to a lot of people, it’s just about discovering how much you’re really worth and sticking to your guns.” – Lydia Evangeline


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