London-based singer songwriter Sophie Faith shares her soulful and moving new single ‘Bad Blood’

London-based singer songwriter Sophie Faith shares her soulful new single ‘Bad Blood’, an expressive and moving capsule into a troublesome time. The raw, brash, jazz-tinged drums provide a groove-laden foundation for the track. Faith’s stunning vocals guide you through her narrative-led poetic lyricism which is drenched in vehement emotionality. ‘Bad Blood’, the first single from her forthcoming debut EP, will be followed up with two new singles before the end of the year.

“‘Bad Blood’ is my first single from my forthcoming debut EP ‘The Ride’. I wrote this song distraught after a feud with my mother and when reaching the studio with the lyrics, Aston Rudi allowed me to bring the song to life. I guess it’s been a daunting thought releasing music about such intimate and personal experiences, but the idea of listeners interpreting it in their own way and being able to relate makes it a lot easier.” – Sophie Faith



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