Influences: Electro-Pop talent Karim takes us on a sonic journey from Kate Bush to Stromae (via Grace Jones)

“’Dance’ is the love, pop song I’ve always wanted to write and then sing at the top of my lungs. It’s gloomy yet so vivid, it celebrates a triumph filled with melancholy – ‘Dance’, among other things, is a song about the fickleness of love and life. The video is one big part of the vision. I remember when I was younger and found a new song, I’d always watch its video and think of it as a part of the music itself. We put a lot of hard work into this exactly because of this reason. We aimed for these visuals to be exactly coherent and complementary to the track while adding a new, subtle storyline. And I’m very proud of the result, it’s very cool”.

“Generally, it’s kind of hard to see Madonna as vulnerable as she is in this song, which is why I connect with it so much. In the lyrics, she asks Jesus Christ for help – as sometimes love is out of our power as humans. What a humble understanding of our limits.”

“This is a song that I listen to a whole lot, I think it is so beautiful. I love 80s pop, and the synth work and pacing drums in this are great. Plus, the visionary attitude of Kate Bush inspires me so much!”

“Libertango is a very well known tango composition by Astor Piazzolla. I love who dares to combine, steal, transform. I think Jones’ vocals sit so boldly on this and do the original piece a lot of justice. And the music video for this is just mind-blowing!”

“This song has gifted me with the truest, most beautiful metaphor I have ever read or heard. It is so simple, yet so universal and witty and beautiful. I could drink a case of you… but I would still be on my feet. Joni gifts us with this line in a myriad of different ways throughout the song, changing the melody, the riff and getting rawer and rawer. It’s just perfect.”

“This song and its music video are something very special in my opinion. Stromae creates a completely new world within his music and vision. I am caught up in every one of his tunes, and I speak very little French: his theatricality and attention to details are just so special.”


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