The Bay area’s up-and-coming hip hop duo Bl3SS3D share their newest single ‘Unstoppable’

Up-and-coming hip hop duo BL3SS3D share their single ‘Unstoppable’. The duo, comprised of Dylan Howell and Colby Freeman, capture feelings of self-confidence and self-belief in their newest release, explored through their tongue-twisting verses, bold vocals, and rhythmic hi-hats which provide dynamism to an otherwise sparse and clean production.

“We wrote ‘Unstoppable’ in dedication to the hard-work we’ve been putting into our craft. It’s a song about self-confidence and believing that nothing can stop us or any of our listeners in whatever we really put our minds to. We want people to enjoy themselves every time they play this song so that’s why we tried to make it as catchy and fun as possible.” – BL3SS3D


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