LA-based new wave duo More Giraffes release their infectious new single ‘Not Cool’. 

LA-based new wave duo More Giraffes have released their infectious new single ‘Not Cool’. More Giraffes, known for their recipe of fresh beats, frisky production and fervent vocals, return after the band’s first two singles “Basement” and “Dinosaur”, which have received critical praise and are also featured on their forthcoming EP due for release later this year. More Giraffes was born when musicians Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford collided over a shared passion for new wave futuristic pop music ideal for the modern attention span. Mark and Keeley turn to More Giraffes as an artistic playground and the end result is carefree pop that leaves you smiling and ready to smash the repeat button. “Not Cool” exudes feelings of contemplative reflection and nostalgic introspection through their use of poetic lyricism and infectious melodies – not to mention their killer hook which will have you seized for days.

“Not Cool is our breakup bop. It’s about not knowing what you had until it’s gone and you’re face first in the 8th lo mein of the week.” – More Giraffes


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