LA-based indie-pop duo Broods return with psychedelic new single and video ‘Peach’

New Zealand-born, LA-based indie-pop sensation Broods return with their psychedelic new single ‘Peach‘. The sibling duo have shared the video for their new single, which finds Georgia and Caleb Knott on a 70’s era talk show but there’s a eerie feeling in the air with the show’s awkward host. As the song begins to play, the video’s disconcerting and chaotic visuals embody the song’s kaleidoscopic sonic palette. These visuals, in combination with Georgia’s silky vocals and colourful production, create a flirty synthesis of soul-pop which is irresistibly transfixing.

“As artists, you feel things at a much more extreme level than people who probably don’t spend most of their time inside their own heads. ‘Peach’ is about feeling all over the place all the time, and then celebrating those moments when everything feels awesome.” – Broods


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