London-based pop-soul sensation Louis III unveils decadent new single ‘So Far’

London-based pop-soul sensation Louis III has revealed his new single ‘So Far‘ as a follow up to prior singles ‘Fever Thoughts‘ and ‘Goosebumps‘. ‘So Far‘ illustrates Louis III’s renowned recipe of decadent synths and soulful, seamless vocals. The production, by duo Laconic (Tom Grennan, Blonde), exudes feelings of entrancement and vibrancy through their use of dynamic percussion and impenetrable bass.

“Musically, I’m inspired by forward thinking artists like Kanye, M.I.A., Jamie XX etc., people who I think always have an eye on pushing things forward and see music beyond just what you hear. I’m also inspired by the everyday stuff that happens in life – like all those little things that happen in human relationships and your own relationship with your head that are so specific which also makes them so universal.” – Louis III


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