Sanford, NC based songwriter Clyde Kelly impresses on meditative new single ‘Levitate’

Sanford, NC based songwriter Clyde Kelly cut his teeth by singing in a church choir whilst simultaneously listening to rap and indie rock. His passion for poetry shone through and eventually morphed into a love for writing music. His debut project ‘Not Rich Yet’ amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify with no label involvement. His new single ‘Levitate’ is an expansive piece of alternative rap, the track is peppered with sampled percussion and swirling instrumentation. Kelly’s verses provide poly-rhythmic texture and lyrical inventiveness.

“Levitate was inspired by my meditation practice. It’s meant to feel like a meditation where you “break through” and expand your consciousness beyond the confines of your body or mind. I want people to imagine themselves levitating so they can relate to that feeling of meditative transcendence.” – Clyde Kelly


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