Chatterbox: London based songwriter and artist Y.A.S talks to us about light vocals, heavy beats and poetry

Hey, thanks for chatting to us. You define your sound as ‘light vocals x heavy beats’, could you perhaps speak more to that?

Light vocals x heavy beats I think was a really good description for my sound. Production has always been a massive motivation for me, especially electronic production, and it was because I heard singers with similar voices to mine sing on these heavily produced beats – I felt that there was a place for me too.

My style of singing is definitely understated and more focused on a tone than ability and that sounds great on heavy beats.  It is just as important for me to work with an incredible producer as it is to write a good song. I love the possibilities the studio brings, how you can play around and create something that isnt possible live. people may see that as not being real music, but I see it as a way to express something you couldnt have 50 years ago or in a live performance. 

What does your latest single ‘100 Years’ draw upon?

‘100 Years’ draws upon the time in my life where I became aware of having depression. It is about trying to separate myself from my thoughts, and by talking about it, you end up giving it less power. My thoughts were so negative and constant that I felt so numb and disconnected on a deeper level. I felt like I couldn’t feel love or happiness because of the mental commentary blocking and analysing every moment. ‘100 Years’ is about me recognising that I am not my thoughts and if I don’t realise that; the deeper parts of me are trapped and life becomes very empty.

Did it evolve significantly in the studio from the original demo?

It actually sounds pretty much exactly the same. I had the concept and lyrics before I entered the session but by the end of it the song and production was about 90% there. 

What were your main musical influences for ‘100 Years’ and upcoming EP ‘Ethereal Pop’?

‘100 Years’… I wanted it to sound like I was a UK artist, and so we took influences from the old school 90’s UK dance tunes. my next song is definitely on a more electro indie vibe, drawing in influences from MGMT and 1975.

What are the non-musical motivations behind your music?

Definitely poetry and lyrics. I am always reading, writing poems, on tumblr, tweeting, and captioning. I shit out words, basically. Mental health and spirituality are definitely a key motivation behind my music. Music has always been an outlet for me to express my emotions and feel connected to my soul and I am always chasing that feeling. I love to dance and I make music that I want to dance to in some shape or form. Different states of mind inspire me to make music and I think it’s amazing how music can create so many different vibes. 

Aside from more music with ‘Ethereal Pop’, what else can we expect from you soon?

I have another EP already written, untitled, but it is definitely more RnB. I dream of  doing an entire visual EP. I would love to publish a poetry book and to write hit songs for pop artists.


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