Enigmatic French producer ‘3 roses’ releases new ‘Symbolism’ EP via Lotus Vision

Enigmatic French producer 3 roses releases his debut EP “Symbolism” on Lotus Vision today. The new record is a five track EP featuring standout singles ‘At Sea’ and ‘Blackbirds’. There’s an interesting blend of genres and sonic textures on display here, with organic rock elements, electronic instrumentation and dreamy synth layers. It’s an amalgamation of 3 roses’ varied influences that form a single cohesive vision. I’m particularly fond of ‘Behind The Cedars’ but you can pick out your own favourite by listening below.

“I just released my first ep as 3 roses, ‘ Symbolism’, and I think I’m as stressed as excited – this is the first time I’ve taken something so personal, introspectif and challengeant artistically. The whole of this 1st Opus is mainly focused on my voice and the different ways to moduler it and play with texture, synth, atmospheres, etc” – 3 roses


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