Premiere: Colorado producers Nobide and Mxxnwatchers release stunning collaborative EP – ‘Montana’

Montana is the new collaborative EP from Nobide and Mxxnwatchers. It presents a kaleidoscope of genre influences, from the jazz infused breakbeat dance of Nobide to the organically cinematic soundscapes of Mxxnwatchers. The two Colorado natives have known each other for a while, and that comes across in the musical output – the blend of their two distinct signature styles is almost seamless. The two emerging producers took a trip to Montana, making beats along the way to pass the time – the cascading landscapes generate a beautiful backdrop and bled into the resulting music. It is astoundingly delectable electronic music, with sweeping instrumentation and well crafted samples.

“Montana EP is the first collaboration between Boulder producers Nobide & mxxnwatchers. The EP was made on a winter road trip from Colorado to Montana. While one drove, the other produced in the passenger seat, switching regularly. Tangent’s driving rhythms and Bell Curve’s beautiful soundscapes reflect the drive and its majestic scenery. Montana EP is the inaugural release from Boulder-based label Alias and sets the stage for upcoming releases from both producers.” – Alias

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