Chatterbox: NYC’s Ben Alessi talks to us about his EP ‘PRSSR’

Hey Ben, how has 2018 been treating you so far?

2018 has been pretty great so far, a good time for everyone like myself to reset and think about what he or she wants to accomplish this year. And new music is definitely one thing coming very soon, cannot wait to share these new tunes with the world. 

Any new year’s resolutions?

I would say to practice more patience and understanding towards others and surrounding myself with the same. Both lead to acceptance and love to all in 2018 and god knows America needs it too.


Do you feel like your sound has evolved this year?

After releasing PRSSR in 2017 I feel like I honed in on the sonics a bit more and created a different, darker world for the new project to live in. It still has its soft and tender moments throughout and, without giving too much away, you will undoubtedly be hearing some of my favorites to date.

Tell us a bit about how the EP evolved in the studio.

Well the very first song I wrote and released for PRSSR was “U” which I worked on with the extremely talented Albin Tjernberg from Stockholm. After that first single, I noticed I had a good amount of songs that spoke to love and heartbreak, some others made it onto the project – but I really wanted to write about something more tangible and current for my fans. “Oblivion” was the last song I wrote for PRSSR, about two months before it had released, and that opening track was just what the whole thing was missing. 

Is there a standout track that you feel directed the EP as a whole?

I don’t think there is one track from PRSSR that I could say drove the entire story, I think each song tells its own unique chapter that created the final body in the end – a constant fluctuating, pressure-filled world.

What do fans have to look forward to in the next few months?

To the fans who have just heard of me today or have been following since the beginning, thank you. You will definitely be seeing and hearing a lot this year – more music, more videos, more shows. And I can’t wait to share it all with you. This new era is very special to me and different than anything I’ve really put out there. Without saying too much more. I hope you’re all ready.


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